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Gambling in Finland: Data and Themes for Research

Every Saturday night at 8.45 Finns gather in great numbers in front of the television for a gambling ritual. Money games are present in Finns’ day-to-day life, and gambling is an important part of the nation’s politics, economy and culture. The role of gambling in financing the basic services of the Finnish society is substantial. The globalisation of the markets and the use of the Internet have, however, remodelled both gambling legislation and culture in Finland, too. What should we understand about gambling in 21st century Finnish culture and society? What should we study and with what instruments? The present book is based on a wide variety of material and takes a more analytic look at culture and society than public discussion hitherto centred on gambling problems and gambling market regulation. The new research data serves experts in the field in civic organisations, business enterprises, public administration and healthcare work. The splendid pictorial supplement and chronology of Finnish gambling illustrate the history and transformation of gambling in Finland.


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Gambling in Finland: Data and Themes for Research

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